How Can Real Estate Rebates Save You Thousands?

home buyersNew Home Rebates or the real estate rebate is a cash incentive that is offered to either the buyer or seller of a home by the real estate agent. This cash incentive is taken right from the commission of the broker, so the cash goes right into the pockets of the people who need that money the most. Here are just a few of the ways how real estate rebates save you thousands.

Making More Money Selling Your Home
When you are selling your home with the help of a real estate agent, their commission can really take a huge bite out of your potential profits. In many cases the commission for the real estate agent can reach 7% of the sale price, and each year Americans are paying brokers over $60 billion in commissions to the real estate agents. When the broker offers to give you a cash rebate if they sell your home, instead of the realtor walking away with ten thousand dollars in commissions, you save thousands that you can utilize any way you like.

Getting in a Home for Less
Regardless if the housing market is peaking or crashing, there are still plenty of out-of-pocket expenses associated with buying a home. The buyer is often responsible for the cost of the home inspections, the closing, and all attorney fees. These expenses can quickly add up in a very short time, and that does not include the eventual costs to hire a moving company, home repair contractors, or a home improvement company. When the real estate agent offers a rebate, that can often be several thousands of dollars that goes right back in the pockets of the people who will eventually need that money the most.

Avoiding a Stagnant Sellers Market
When the housing market stabilizes and similar homes in a region are not selling for their fair market price, many sellers begin to panic and start dropping the price of their home to get out from under. What happens next is the other sellers competing to sell in that region begin dropping the prices of their homes to stay competitive. To avoid losing money, when you work with a real estate agent who offers cash rebates, you can drop your price to be competitive and sell faster, then make up for the loss with the several thousands in incentive cash you secured from your real estate agent.

These real estate rebates save you thousands either selling or buying a home, and give the consumer the power to control the process more easily. With that extra money in your pocket, you have some wiggle room to buy or sell more easily.  Find out more at: